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Top 5 Health Benefits of Nattokinase


Top 5 Health Benefits of Nattokinase


Natto is rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals, but most of the food’s health benefits are tied to its powerful Nattokinase enzyme. Natto is the only food source of Nattokinase, however many do not favor the taste and odor and opt for the Nattokinase supplement form. Choosing the supplement form is also popular as the capsule comes at a certain dose and can be managed from day to day. Research suggests that Nattokinase supplement intake is just as effective as consuming Natto.



Nattokinase has powerful effects on your health, including the following:


Lower Heart Disease Risk

Studies show that Nattokinase dissolves blood clots and are widely accepted as blood thinner pills — which helps maintain good blood vessel structure, this improves blood flow, and lowers the risk of heart disease. Fibrin can be detrimental to blood vessel heath, blood flow and blood pressure. Later, we will discuss how this is done in more detail and also how long you might expect for this process to take place. 1

Nattokinase can help lower your blood pressure, reducing strain on the heart that can at some point lead to heart attack. 

Improved Sinus Health

Chronic sinusitis is ongoing inflammation in your sinuses that could be caused by allergies, bacteria, fungal infections, or asthma. It’s the most common chronic disease in adults and causes many issues for a lot of people. Sometimes, individuals with chronic sinusitis may even need surgery to clear nasal passages. 

Research shows that Nattokinase can shrink blockage-causing nasal polyps and thin mucus,by doing this  improving airflow and reducing discomfort. Because of these common and uncomfortable effects, scientists continue to study the enzyme in order to treat symptoms of respiratory conditions like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and bronchitis.

Improved Gut Health and Metabolism

Nattokinase can promote a good balance of bacteria in our gut, also known as our microbiome. A healthy biome is more important than ever before as mounting evidence suggests that all good health begins from the gut. Poor gut health can weaken your immune system and can increase your risk of many chronic diseases, like diabetes, obesity, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, and heart disease.It can also affect the health of the brain and its ability to assist with all the important bodily actions. 

Nattokinase’s probiotic properties may also boost metabolism and reduce body fat, regulating and potentially preventing metabolic disorders like obesity and diabetes.

Nattokinase natural enzyme

Nattokinase refers to a completely natural enzyme found in Natto and it is the synonym of a soy-based food originally consumed in Japan. This particular enzyme is produced through fermentation by a bacterium named Bacillus subtilis. Although produced in many parts of Aisa Boostceuticals uses a pure form of Nattokinase right out of Japan. 2

Japanese Soy Bean

It’s been widely recognized that consuming Natto is highly associated with the long and healthy lifespan of the Japanese population. In addition, it’s highly effective there in controlling the chance of chronic heart diseases developing.

Nattokinase gets its unique flavor and smells through the Nattokinase enzyme, which also comes with several health benefits. Nattokinase is available in a white form that does not have the regular odor which is not desired by many users of a Nattokinase supplement.

Improves cardiovascular health by breaking down blood clots. How does this occur and how fast does it do this?

Nattokinase is considered to be a safe, powerful, low cost, and all-natural blood thinner supplement for the treatment of heart and cardiovascular disease 3, 45 . Animal 67, 8 and human trials 91011  have demonstrated that Nattokinase provides support to the circulatory system by thinning the blood and dissolving blood clots. When dogs were orally administered four Nattokinase supplement capsules (2000 FU/capsule), a chemically-induced clots in the major leg vein were completely dissolved within five hours and normal blood flood was restored 8. A rat model of clotting in the common carotid artery also demonstrated that Nattokinase treated rats recovered 62% of arterial blood flow.

Nattokinase has been shown to have considerably stronger clot busting activity than fibrinolytic enzymes plasmin, or elastase; which restored 15% and 0% of blood flow in the rat carotid artery, respectively. Nattokinase dissolves blood clots by directly hydrolyzing fibrin.

Nattokinase has a strong ability to break down thrombi and fibrin. Even a single dose of Nattokinase has been reported to result in fibrinolysis. In a study, 12 healthy, young males were randomly administered a single capsule of Nattokinase 2000 FU. The antithrombin concentration in their blood increased significantly two hours after the oral consumption of the Nattokinase capsule. The results of this study indicated that multiple different pathways may be involved in Nattokinase fibrinolysis and anti-coagulation activity

Reducing inflammation and improving joint function – how?

Nattokinase has powerful anti-inflammatory and fibrin degrading ability. It prevents and dissolves blood clots, promotes healthy circulation, and supports normal blood pressure. It also helps maintain healthy CRP levels which is an inflammation marker used by doctors and which is a serious risk factor for heart disease.

Nattokinase is also widely known for helping the immune system respond to chronic or acute injury. These systemic enzymes act on protein-based complexes such as fibrin in scars around damaged tissue. Fibrin performs an important function in the body, including clotting and wound healing. However, excessive fibrin build-up in the body can impair normal blood flow which may lead to increased blood viscosity, swelling, edema, pain, inflammation and more serious cardiovascular problems. People with pulmonary fibrosis experience low oxygen levels in the blood and breathlessness due to excessive fibrin build-up in the lungs. This extra fibrin thickens and stiffens the lungs and blocks healthy oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange. This is why supplementing with Nattokinase can help your body to relieve symptoms caused by too much fibrin build-up.

Summary and offer where to buy Nattokinase

Nattokinase refers to a completely natural enzyme found in Natto. The long and healthy lifespan of the Japanese population has been highly associated with their consumption of Natto. It is considered to be a safe, powerful, low cost, and all-natural supplement that can achieve the following benefits

  • Lower heart and cardiovascular disease
  • Deal with and support sinus issues
  • Promote gut health
  • Assist with joint inflammation management
  • Relieve symptoms caused by fibrin build-up

Nattokinase is available as Nattokinase 100mg and also Nattokinase 200mg, Boostceuticals Nattokinase is 200mg and also contains no magnesium stearate or unnecessary fillers, It is pure, vegan and natural.

To ensure quality and safety, it is important to choose brands that have been manufactured in an FDA facility under GMP conditions which is the gold standard in supplement manufacture.

You can easily purchase Nattokinase from different online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay as well as Walmart. Here are some examples





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