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The Dangers of High Cholesterol & 3 Supplements to Reduce Cholesterol Levels Naturally

The Dangers of High Cholesterol & 3 Supplements to Reduce Cholesterol Levels Naturally

Cholesterol is a waxy substance that is made by the liver and obtained through the diet. It can be found in the fats (lipids) in your blood. Cholesterol is essential in order our bodies to continue building healthy cells, however having high cholesterol can increase your risk of heart disease and can spell danger. The reason is, it can lead to a build-up of fatty deposits in our blood vessels. Over time this build up can make it difficult for blood to flow through our arteries with ease and consequently to the heart. High cholesterol is when you have high amounts of cholesterol in the blood. Around 25% of the cholesterol found in our body is derived from the animal foods we eat. Most of the remaining cholesterol is synthesized by our very own liver. The good news is not all cholesterol is bad, mor eon this later. Genetically, some people are more predisposed than others to produce more cholesterol. Therefore, it is very important to be aware of healthy levels and limits. It is also very useful and valuable to know foods and supplements that may help keep cholesterol at safe levels and avoid any risks. 


Can Cholesterol Be Healthy?

There are two different types of cholesterol including, and this is something we all need to know for best health

"Bad Cholesterol" known as LDL   

Low-density lipoprotein or LDL carries cholesterol particles throughout your body. LDL cholesterol is bad because it builds up in the walls of your arteries, making them hard and narrow which can increase the risk of a heart attack. 

"Good Cholesterol" known as HDL

High-density lipoprotein or HDL picks up excess cholesterol and takes it back to the liver. Having high HDL is linked to lower risk of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke. That’s right one type of cholesterol is good the other is bad. 


Cholesterol Level Recommendations

The following are general recommendations of what an individual’s levels should be:

HDL cholesterol: >60 mg/dL 

LDL cholesterol: <100 mg/dL

Total cholesterol: <200 mg/dL 

We are all required to adopt habits that may increase HDL levels and limit or decrease LDL levels for optimum health and lower risk of heart attack and premature death.


Symptoms of High Cholesterol 

High cholesterol tends to have no physical symptoms. Therefore, the only way to monitor and evaluate your cholesterol status is via blood tests.  If cholesterol accumulates in the arteries, plaque may begin to form which can reduce blood flow through your arteries. If left untreated, high cholesterol may lead to more serious health complications including chest pain, heart attack, and stroke. This happens when the blood flow is reduced to either the heart or the brain.

Potential Causes 

There are several factors that may contribute to a high cholesterol level. These include, but are not limited to: 

  • Age (more common in people over 40) 
  • Smoking & alcohol
  • Diet (consumption of food high in saturated fats) 
  • Low physical activity level
  • Stress and hormones (Cortisol
  • BMI greater than 25 (overweight or obese)
  • Medical conditions (diabetes & hypertension)
  • Medications
  • Genetics

Supplements to Lower Cholesterol Naturally 

The following are some supplements that can be used to lower cholesterol as they have been shown to increase blood circulation, lower blood lipid levels, and ultimately support heart health:

*The above supplements have been hyperlinked with peer reviewed research articles supporting their effectiveness in reducing cholesterol levels* 

Plant stanols/sterols such as Red Rice Yeast have been well studied and shown to reduce LDL levels and total cholesterol levels. Such supplements may be included as part of a healthy diet to maintain optimum heart health.

5 Tips to Reduce Cholesterol

  1. Take Supplements such as Red rice yeast, Berberine, CoQ10 and Niacin
  2. If you need to naturally thin your blood speak to your doctor about natural Nattokinase supplement
  3. Reduce intake of sodium and saturated fats
  4. Exercise daily for at least 30 minutes Manage stress
  5. Quit smoking and reduce alcohol consumption as much as possible

Although we require cholesterol in our bodies to continue building healthy cells, we need to be aware of the 2 types and the levels we need to maintain, this way we are healthier, and we reduce our risk of heart disease. 

Consequently, we avoid fatty deposits in our blood vessels.  There are ways we can control this, and there are foods and supplements we can take to be in control of our lives and to feel better every day. We need to increase our responsibility and take a healthier and more active part in our health.


Red Rice Yeast  Vegan


Berberine 180 Vegan


CoQ10 200mg Vegan


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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