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2020 | Issue 01 | BE YOUR BEST SELF


In this fast paced world, with a lot of concerns these days from work or school and even our own personal lives, boosting our immune system has rarely felt more urgent. For our bodies to function well with all the things that we do and the commitments that we have, we must see the value of taking care of ourselves, especially boosting our immune system and keeping it in best working condition. After all, it looks after us and protects us from harm,

Aside from taking care of our mental health and avoiding stress that lowers our immune system, we also need to eat the right kind of foods to help us stay well. Quercetin rich foods are beneficial for our immune system because of its abundant antioxidants that play an important role in helping your body combat free radical damage, which is linked to chronic disease.

Here are 5 foods that can help you boost your immune system 

Black Grapes

Grapes are high in a number of powerful antioxidant compounds. The highest concentration of antioxidants is found in the skin and seeds. The darker the grape the more powerful the flavonoids they contain.

Red Raspberry 

Red raspberries contribute to the nutritional value of a diet. They are among the highest whole food sources of dietary fiber. They also contain vitamin C, magnesium, and a variety of other nutrients, such as potassium, vitamin K, calcium, and iron. The package of nutrients and bioactive components that red raspberries deliver suggest their important protective role in human health.


Broccoli is also packed with phytochemicals and antioxidants. 

Phytochemicals in broccoli are great for our immune system. Broccoli is a good source of lutein, a compound antioxidant, and sulforaphane, which is a very potent antioxidant.

Raw Red Onion

Onions have certain phytochemicals that act as stimulants for vitamin C within the body. Vitamin C boosts your immune system by fighting against toxins that can lead to numerous diseases and chronic illness. Onions are packed with immune-boosting nutrients like selenium, sulfur compounds, zinc, and vitamin C. In addition, they are one of the best sources of quercetin, and antioxidant that has antiviral properties as well as histamine regulating effects.

Infused Black Tea 

Antioxidants are known to provide a host of health benefits. Consuming them can help remove free radicals and decrease cell damage in the body. This can help decrease the risk of chronic disease. Polyphenols are a type of antioxidant found in certain foods and beverages, including black tea. Groups of polyphenols, including catechins, theaflavins and thearubigins, are the main sources of antioxidants in black tea and may promote overall health.

Making a change in your eating lifestyle can seem challenging however by taking small simple steps each day you can reach your health goals in no time. Every day is a great chance to commit to your health by increasing your immunity. Invest on what truly matters and you take control and you will enjoy a fuller healthier life for the years to come! 

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