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Top 5 Proven Benefits of Quercetin (You Need To Know #1!)

Have you ever questioned yourself or someone about where Quercetin comes from and why it is helpful? Or if you have not heard of Quercetin have you ever heard of the value of red wine or berries and wondered why they are good for you? Let us explain further and keep reading to find out more.

Quercetin is actually a natural compound which is associated with everything people are looking for in a healthy food or nutritional diet. The benefits that Quercetin can offer are longevity in life, healthier heart, overall body strength and endurance, enhanced immune system, maintenance of normal blood pressure, anti viral and many more. Quercetin is a natural substance and a natural antihistamine found in fruits and vegetables which is responsible for the pigmentation in plants. That is why you will see tomatoes as red or the leaves of certain plants green. You will take in Quercetin every time you eat these fruits and vegetables however these days consumption is sometimes lower. Quercetin is found to be good as an antihistamine for allergy relief and as an antioxidant. Quercetin is even regarded as one of nature’s best allergy medicine additions.

Foods containing Quercetin have the capacity to manage several inflammatory health problems such as infections, arthritis, high cholesterol, eye disorders, prostate inflammations and many others. This capacity of Quercetin is highly related to it being an antioxidant. Antioxidants regulate the presence of free radicals in the body which are dangerous to our health and are the most common causes of serious illnesses. Furthermore, antioxidants neutralize the effect of these free radicals and provide a better and healthier condition for our bodies.

Overall, Quercetin plays an important role in the development of a better immune system. It is a very effective immune system booster providing stronger defenses against outside stressors.

There are many health benefits that Quercetin provides and below are among those benefits that are worthy of mention.


Top 5 Benefits of Quercetin

  1. Quercetin lowers inflammation.

Quercetin is an important anti-inflammatory because it acts as an antioxidant. This means that quercetin plays a vital role in dealing with oxidation which a common process in the body as people age. During the process of oxidation, many negative substances are produced which could damage the body gradually, including free radicals. These free radicals are damaging the cell membranes, they change the function of the DNA and they increase the mutation of cells which can lead to damaged or even dead cells. The function of Quercetin is to counter the effects of these free radicals and restoring the body to a healthier state. For a long time, Quercetin has been fighting free radical damage quietly.

For a long time, it was observed that inflammation is a major root of serious diseases. These diseases include those deadly ones like cancer and heart disease. With the aid of Quercetin, these diseases may be avoided. The following are the reported conditions which Quercetin can effectively fight in this area: high cholesterol, heart problems, blood circulation problems, diabetes, eye-related disorders, allergies, asthma and hay fever.


  1. Quercetin effectively fights allergies.

Quercetin as a natural antihistamine can offer allergy relief naturally including seasonal allergies and food allergies. There are also other problems which Quercetin can effectively alleviate like asthma and other skin reactions.

The human body normally produces histamine when it detects an allergy or any sensitivity. This mechanism is what we know as the allergic reaction of the body. This chemical that the body is producing causes a person to suffer discomfort. Quercetin is effective in inhibiting the production of this chemical and stopping it to cause such annoying feelings. Quercetin stabilizes the release of histamines which eventually decreases symptoms such as cough, watery eye, runny nose, hives, swollen lips or tongue, and indigestion.

The usage of Quercetin as a natural antihistamine can even be dated back when the ancient Chinese developed an herbal formula for allergy relief. It is even observed that Quercetin’s potency can be compared to highly processed medicines in fighting allergies. It is indeed a natural best allergy medicine. Plus, Quercetin has little or no side effects making it more favorable.


  1. Quercetin supports heart health.

In connection with the ability of Quercetin to ease inflammation and as being a natural antihistamine, it is found to be great in dealing with heart problems and keeping the heart healthier. Quercetin is quite beneficial for people with problems in their hearts and with their bloods. For so many years, consuming colored foods containing a considerable amount of Quercetin was found to lower the risk of having cardiovascular disease. This is very vital because such disease is one of the major causes of death among older people.

There are studies conducted on some human populations which show that various types of flavonoids including Quercetin are capable of helping reduce the risk of atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is a harmful condition where the arteries thicken and narrow which can be very dangerous.   This condition may lead to higher risk of having heart attack or stroke. People who often eat fruits and vegetables containing flavonoids, like Quercetin, are less likely to be prone to such disease.


  1. Flagged as a possible natural cancer treatment which may help fight cancer and make it an ideal cancer fighting supplement.

Study shows that there is indeed a good effect in having a good diet containing Quercetin and other antioxidants in lowering the risk of cancer. Quercetin shows potential in helping a person to avoid cancer or to alleviate its effects. It has been shown that Quercetin seems to have a chemo-preventive ability. That means it has an effect on controlling or preventing cancerous cells. There has been some proof that that Quercetin could be an efficient approach for natural cancer treatment. In addition to that, for being a natural cancer cure, the use of Quercetin will be very safe and risk-free.

However, the studies already done regarding the ability of Quercetin as natural cure for cancer are not yet enough and we look forward t more. Considering the advance technology we have right now, it is not impossible to develop Quercetin as a real and a proven cure for cancer.


  1. Reduces and Avoids Pain Naturally

 There are a lot of health benefits when supplementing your diet with Quercetin. Taking Quercetin as a supplement can help reduce pain which is associated with autoimmune conditions including arthritis and infections. The rationale is that, Quercetin is capable of mitigating the inflammatory pain which results. There have been a lot of studies which concluded that taking Quercetin supplement reduces pain as well as symptoms from these conditions.  An example of this is the inflammation of the prostate.  People who are supplementing Quercetin experienced less pain and recurring symptoms. This is also the reason why Quercetin is sometimes named as the natural arthritis treatment.


It is very important to understand the reality of human behavior these days. Nowadays, people are becoming busier and busier to the extent of not having much time for a healthy dinner or lunch. People may not even have the time to cook or to just stop and have a single bite of an apple. It is becoming more often for people to just settle for fast foods which have way less nutrients and less vitamins compared to having fruits and vegetables. This reality is the reason why we need to supplement for Quercetin. Because the truth is we may not be getting enough Quercetin from fruits and vegetables simply because of poor or changed diet.

Does Quercetin have any side effects?

It is well-established that Quercetin is derived naturally from organic and healthy fruits and vegetables. That is why it is regarded as a natural antihistamine. As such, it is safe to say that Quercetin is indeed very safe to use and it has very minimal side effects. There are scientific studies that support this claim. In fact, most studies show that to people who are consuming Quercetin either from fruits and vegetables of from dietary supplements, Quercetin has a little or no side effects at all.

Consumption of Quercetin may interfere with the effectiveness of antibiotics, chemotheraphy and blood thinner medications so it is always advisable to discuss with your physician before use. It is always better to be sure before engaging or taking any dietary supplement.

Boostceuticals Quercetin 500mg higher dose supplement is considered as a defense mechanism helping individuals fight allergies. For a long time, it has shown its potency. With its help, people have found relief from allergies and its symptoms.

These days, Quercetin plays an important role for a more powerful immune system. It is a natural immune system booster providing stronger defenses against outside stressors.  A worthy addition as a nutritional supplement for a well balanced diet, vitality and health and wellness. Quercetin is quite interesting as a dietary supplement or food supplement that needs to be considered.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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